Industrial Waste Management

Industrial Solid Waste Management.

Management of waste originated from production processes and ancillary engineering activities that will be introduced again in the system.

Waste will be collected following the Dry-Wet management model.

Sanitary Waste Management

Management of waste originated from public or private health centers, clinics, laboratories, research centers, etc.

Commercial Waste Management

This is waste originated from business activities, hotels, pubs, markets, offices and services.

This also includes waste originated in industry that is considered as municipal, and is managed in the same way.

Waste will be collected by the Dry-Wet segregation system.

Urban Waste Management

This is waste originated in private homes, business, offices and services, and waste originated from cleaning streets, green areas, recreational areas, beaches, etc.

Construction Waste Management

Construction and Demolition Waste Management originated from constructions, civil engineering projects, remodeling, evacuations, etc.