Castelldefels, 1 April 2017.

Road cleaning services, urban waste management and waste collection points in Castelldefels (a seaside town on the Barcelona coastline) will now be managed directly by the local town council through their municipal company, SAC.

The local council’s plan is to upgrade the general quality of the service by implementing a number of planned improvements and investments. For this to be carried out, a budget of €2.7 million has been drawn up to begin investing in new machinery. “It’s a gradual process” explains local Planning, Sustainability and Environment Councillor, Ramon Morera. “The new road cleaning materials will be arriving in the next few weeks and within the next year we hope to be using new waste collection lorries and containers”, he adds.

Regarding staff, the 75 Sersa employees (the previous contractor) will be subrogated and as of April 1st will officially be municipal employees.

The governing body have listed a number of advantages which, in their opinion, will be brought about by this re-municipalisation:

  • Road cleaning and maintenance and waste collection services improvement.
  • More efficiency: more cost-reduction services.
  • Permanent incorporation of improved technologies
  • Environmental respect and sustainability development.
  • Citizen involvement and encouragement of their participation.
  • Transparent, flexible and professional management.
  • Employee maintenance through respectable working conditions.